Programs and Events

Toxoplasmosis support group:

This support group welcomes all of those who have been affected by this illness. The group is open to those who have contracted the disease in infancy, and those who have a chronic infection who deal with schizophrenia, sexual deviancy, retinal lesions, risk-taking behavior, or a non-aversion to cat urine.

7-9 pm Wednesdays: Mission Church. Please use the back entrance on the North side

Pot Luck!

Join us for the annual pot luck. Please bring a gluten-free dish that serves 10 people. BYOB. Dogs and kids  welcome!

June 18th, 1 pm: Alamo Square Park, by the picnic tables

One response to “Programs and Events

  1. The Animal Planet docuseries “Monsters Inside Me” is casting our fifth season, searching for the nation’s most puzzling medical mysteries.

    We also work to raise awareness of unusual and dangerous viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more to help doctors and patients quickly diagnose these diseases and hopefully save lives in the process.

    We are currently researching toxoplasmosis and are looking for contributors that will tell their stories.

    There are 3 different stories in each of our hour-long episodes, and you can watch clips of the program here:

    Each medical mystery is told by the patient, a loved one, and usually the physician who makes the accurate diagnosis that solves the medical mystery.

    If you would like to participate,or know someone who wants more information, please contact me:

    Thanks so much for your time and any assistance you can provide.

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